From The Ground Up Services

From site acquisition to property management, Rush Commercial can save you time and money by delivering “from the ground up” service through our in-house staff, or via our time-honored partnerships.

  • Development Services Our regional presence, full-service capabilities and financial strength make us one of the premier developers in the Greater Puget Sound Region, offering a broad array of client-driven commercial real estate services. Our clients seek us for creative solutions to deal-breaking problems, and we deliver with a full range of development services.
  • Pre-Construction The most important aspects of a project are handled before ground is ever broken. Rush Commercial provides essential pre-construction services including but not limited to: Conceptual Estimating, Value Engineering, Feasibility and Constructability Review, Scheduling, Subcontractor Prequalification and Input, Site Evaluation, Permitting and Building Systems Analysis, Design Coordination, Cost Estimating and Budgeting.
  • Design/Build Rush has applied the design/build approach to many of our projects in our 25 years of service. Our in-house architecture and engineering staff work closely with our construction team and our design/build partners to provide lower cost design solutions without compromising quality of our projects.
  • Construction Successfully overseeing a large-scale construction project from start to finish requires expertise, experience, a team approach, excellent management and communication skills, and a great deal of dedication. Rush Commercial brings these attributes to every project, coordinating the many activities taking place on a job, and keeping all participants working in concert toward a successful end product.
  • Value Engineering The collaboration between our construction and design teams allows us to bring many value-driven, innovative ideas to our projects, which are passed on as savings to our clients.