Bob Calvert


Construction is all about change. As we build and change our cities, states and country. We have to work together to learn and implement better building practices changing our way of building. Rush is all about working together, learning from each other’s experiences and making changes to implement better building practices as a team. Rush and Team work go hand in hand.

Bob joined the Rush Companies as a Superintendent in 2015. Before joining Rush, Bob was with J. Scull Construction. Bob has over 25 years of combined construction superintendent experience; in Multifamily, Commercial and residential construction. Bob has a Renewable Energy Certification from Columbia Gorge Community College. Bob was a leader in the North West wind industry and a key player in the construction of the Palouse Wind Farm. When he’s not driving construction work, Bob enjoys hiking, biking, canoeing and sailing.

Certificate in Renewable Energy Technology, Columbia Gorge Community College

  • Taylor Creek Apartments
  • Keelson Apartments
  • The Grand on Broadway Apartments
  • Simon’s Mill Apartments
  • Keelson Apartments