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The Latest Scoop: Celebrating our Rush Properties Tenants

December 05, 2023

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At Rush Properties, we believe in more than just providing a roof over our tenants' heads; we strive to create communities that we can all live, work, and play within. This year, we embarked on a sweet tour of tenant appreciation, bringing smiles and sweetness to our valued Rush Properties tenants.

Scooping up Happiness

One of the highlights of our appreciation initiative was the All City Ice Cream Trucks Tour! Over two days, we rolled out the welcome mat and treated our tenants to a total of 589 servings of ice-cold, creamy goodness!


The ice cream trucks not only satisfied sweet cravings, but also provided an opportunity for us to connect with our tenants on a personal level. Nothing beats the camaraderie that forms over a shared love for ice cream, and we relished every moment of these sweet interactions.


Although unneccessary, the response we received from our tenants made our endeavor even more worth it.

The team at EdGate told us it was the “Greatest tenant appreciation day evah!"

oprahWe also received a sweet card from from the team at Light Dental Studios.

RP tenant appreciation thank you

Special Delivery

Understanding that logistical constraints may limit our ice cream truck visits, we made sure no tenant was left out of the appreciation festivities. For buildings where hosting a truck wasn't feasible, we took a personalized approach. Our team hand-delivered candy bouquets and cookies, ensuring that the sweetness extended to all of our cherished Rush Properties tenants.

In total, we distributed a delicious array of treats, including 90 full-size candy bars and more mini-gummy candies than we could count! Each delivery wasn't just a sugary surprise; it was a token of our gratitude for choosing Rush Properties as their home.


A Heartfelt Thank You

Our commitment to tenant satisfaction goes beyond the occasional ice cream treat–it's a year-round endeavor. Thank you for being a vital part of the Rush Properties family–your presence makes our Puget Sound communities vibrant and welcoming.

Here's to more moments of joy, connection, and sweet surprises in the year ahead!


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