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Proud Member of Our PNW Community for Over 37 Years

Your Project Needs, Under One Roof

The Rush Companies is a partnership of six companies with common ownership focused in real estate across multiple industries, markets, and client types. Unlike any other firm in the Northwest, Rush offers unparalleled insights and expertise in Real Estate and Development. Clients have the opportunity to work with Rush on as much or as little of a project as they choose. From assistance with financing or construction, on through to long-term property management, clients who work with Rush have the benefit of keeping project needs under one roof.

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Rush Development

Rush Development is responsible for all in-house development projects from inception to completion.

Thanks to Rush’s integrated structure, we are able to collaborate seamlessly with Rush Commercial during the planning and construction phase. Also, throughout the project, Rush Capital is kept apprised of its status so they can easily manage the asset for optimal gains.

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Rush Capital

Rush Capital oversees the real estate investment portfolio for The Rush Companies and provides third-party asset management services for other owners/investors/developers.

We provide financing services, including debt, equity, structured finance, asset management, and investment advisory solutions.

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Rush Commercial

Rush Commercial provides pre-construction, construction management, and special projects services.

From pre-construction to closeout, we manage our projects like owners. As a division of The Rush Companies, we build all Rush Development (Rush owned) projects, along with many projects for third-party owners. 

Our portfolio includes Multifamily, Senior Living, Medical, Retail, Office, Industrial, and Tenant Improvements.

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Rush Properties

Rush Properties provides exceptional, personalized commercial real estate services for buildings throughout the Puget Sound region including property management, brokerage, and facility services. 

As property owners ourselves, we care for both the physical and financial components of each property with a long-term view in mind to ensure our tenants and building owners are well served. 

We collaborate with the Rush Companies in-house talent in commercial general contracting, accounting, marketing, and asset management to deliver value that far exceeds other service providers.



Edison47, Inc. is a results-oriented multifamily property management services group. 

Our focus on current technology compliments over 30 years of staff experience in all aspects of multifamily, mixed-use, and new construction. We employ industry-leading technology and a unique style of providing the client with expert divisional oversight which is the backbone of our elemental success. Each area of property management is precisely allotted to achieve a stable and sustainable long-term growth plan.

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Rush Residential

Rush Residential builds custom-quality single-family communities throughout the Puget Sound Region.

Our discerning attention to materials, systems, and construction is unsurpassed in our region. With an emphasis on quality, custom designs, customer care, and responsible practices center every home we build.

Named MBA Builder of the Year in both 2018 and 2019, and MBA Company of the Year in 2020 we take pride in simply doing more.

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37 Years and Counting

 As Founder Gordon Rush will happily tell you, it’s the customers and the employees who have made this company what it is today. As we look back, we feel so lucky that over the last 37+ years we’ve been able to play such an intimate role in people’s lives—from building a family’s home, to constructing a medical clinic that will save lives, we’re honored to have a hand in the growth of our community.

As we look to the future, it’s our goal to keep getting better at what we do and continue to be strategic in how we grow. We’re honored to be a part of building an exceptional future together in the Puget Sound Region!


We’ve Got History

Since 1987, we have built structures and relationships that last, thanks to a commitment to teamwork and exceeding expectations at every turn.


It all started in 1987. Gordon got his start at 19 as a commercial salmon fisherman in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Using the money he earned from his work as a commercial fisherman, Gordon and Traci built their first home in Tacoma’s North End in the winter of 1985. Rush built its first for-sale speculative home in 1987, and he hired its first superintendent, Ray Wolanzyk, in 1989. Ray was and still is an integral part of the Rush Team today. 


Rush built its first commercial building in 1991 at the Wollochet Business Park in Gig Harbor. In 1992, Rush built two more office buildings. That same year, Rush bought a 28-lot subdivision, the company’s first significant residential housing community. 


In 1995, Rush won a national Custom Home Award from Builder Magazine for a Model home in a 30 home community. In 1996, Rush expanded into medical partnership buildings, which began after Rush built a custom home for a local Endodontist and went on to build the doctor’s new office building. Rush’s ability to diversify and capitalize on new markets led us to grow tremendously.


In the early 2000s, Rush Commercial built the new 80,000 sq. ft. Kinetics building in Tacoma; Rush’s largest commercial building at the time. Around this time, Rush Residential also purchased and developed approximately 150 homesites in Gig Harbor’s Canterwood Community. In 2003, Rush built Gig Harbor’s impressive Park Plaza as a speculative office building, where Rush also moved its headquarters (and 55 employees). 


In 2007, Matt Smith rejoined the company. Matt first worked for the Rush Companies in 1992 as a field technician while still in high school (Matt also spent summers as a deckhand on Gordon’s fishing boat in Alaska). When Matt returned 15 years later, Rush had over 80 employees and had expanded its commercial division significantly. Matt brought focus and energy to Rush, quickly taking on key leadership roles, and became the president in 2010. 


In 2011, The Rush Companies moved to its current home office location on Wollochet drive. Rush began moving towards the multi-family market in 2009 with the acquisition of the 270-unit Treetops homes in Silverdale. In 2010, we built our first large-scale multi-family unit, The Pacifica. We’ve been expanding ever since up and down the I-5 Corridor, all the way from North Seattle to Lacey.


To suit the changing market, in 2012 Rush Residential made the transition from custom homes to speculative and production houses. Since then, Rush Residential has continued to design and invest in communities that align with the lifestyle and housing desires of families in the Puget Sound and surrounding areas.


In 2015 Rush Commercial broke ground on their first project in Seattle. Since then, Rush Commercial has continued to expand in the Seattle market and beyond building multifamily, industrial, office, retail, and medical office buildings and created a Special Projects Division to support its clients' needs for special projects and tenant improvements. 


Rush Capital opened its Seattle office in 2018 to better serve clients building in the Seattle-Eastside area, strategically placed between downtown Seattle and downtown Bellevue. 

Rush Commercial completed its first Senior Project with Revel Lacey. The Senior living market was a natural move for Rush given its decades of experience building and managing multifamily and medical projects. This project was quickly followed by Fairwood Senior Living which was completed in 2020 and Merrill Gardens at Wright Park, completed in early winter of 2023.


The Rush Companies is awarded a Corporate Philanthropy Award: Puget Sound Business Journal's Corporate Citizenship Award for Neighborhoods and Communities.  Rush received the award for its local philanthropic efforts. As a highlight, Gordon Rush helped found Beer and Bites, the auction that raises money for the South Sound CARE Foundation. Every year Rush is the Underwriting Sponsor and donates time and money to the cause. Rush also has a committee, Rush GIves, that allocates funds and volunteers time each year to organizations in the community. 


The Rush Companies was named 2020 Washington’s Best Workplaces by the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Rush Residential was named the 2020 Company of the year by Master Builders Association and was named 2018 and 2019 Builder of the Year by the Master Builders Association. 


The Rush Companies was named 2022 Washington’s Best Workplaces by the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Additionally, The Rush Companies celebrated its 35th Anniversary!

As we grow we will continue to be honored to be a wonderful workplace anchored in the Puget Sound Region! 

Building An Exceptional Future, Together

Our Purpose

To create sustainable communities in the Pacific Northwest where people love to live and work.

Our Values

  • Commitment - We are all in.
  • Resourcefulness - We find a way.
  • Integrity - We do what's right.
  • Well Being - We care.

We are a company who believes wholeheartedly in "people over profits". Our focus: the people who create our team, who invest in our projects, who uphold our exceptional construction and property management standards, and those who trust us to manage their own real estate needs.

Our vision and values around our people help define our guiding principles - and mission - in the work that we do. We prioritize our efforts based on our guiding principles, and do our very best to instill and develop this same vision and values in every person, community group and business we interact with.

It is an exceptional privilege to work with a team of talented people, all dedicated to delivering the best in everything we do.

- Matt Smith, President, The Rush Companies

Our Leadership Team

  • Gordon Rush

    Gordon Rush

    CEO & Founder

  • Matt Smith

    Matt Smith


  • Chris Dewald

    Chris Dewald

    Vice President
    Rush Development

  • Scott Walker

    Scott Walker

    Vice President
    Rush Residential

  • Danny Kruse

    Danny Kruse

    Vice President
    Rush Properties

  • Lee Kilcup

    Lee Kilcup

    Vice President
    Rush Commercial

  • Vanessa Zientek

    Vanessa Zientek

    Vice President of Finance
    The Rush Companies

  • Melina Mwangi

    Melina Mwangi

    Director of Human Resources & Operations
    The Rush Companies

  • Todd Vasko

    Todd Vasko

    Director of Property Management

  • Debra Gurr

    Debra Gurr


We Are Honored to Be Recognized:

Rush Gives

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At Rush, the road to the future – creating communities in the Pacific Northwest where people love to live and work – relies on strong relationships built on trust. We strive to continually strengthen this trust within our team, suppliers, investors, customers, and project partners. Rush is honored to serve its community through our corporate Philanthropy efforts as well as our employee-driven "Rush Gives" program. “Rush Gives” is our employee-led philanthropy committee that allocates additional resources and donations to nonprofits and charities.

It is this team-oriented success that enables us to dedicate our resources and volunteer hours towards our philanthropic efforts in our Greater Pacific Northwest communities.



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