Hanger Fabrication and Hanger Clinic | The Rush Companies

The Rush Commercial Special Projects Division simultaneously completed construction of the Hanger Clinic and Hanger Fabrication in Tacoma, WA. Hanger Fabrication builds and and provides prosthetics for the Hanger Clinic. At the Hanger Clinic, individuals receive tailored prosthetic limb fittings, adjustments, and therapy sessions.

The oversight of equipment was unique with these projects. Across both constructin sites, we organized a total of 205 pieces of equipment, 121 of which required Rush's oversight. Rush independently managed and installed 31 pieces of equipment in anticipation of the final inspections. It was crucial to ensure each piece of equipment was properly connected to air compressors, vacuum systems, and had access to electrical and data supplies.

Being located on a wharf, the Hanger Clinic posed the largest challenge. Our team was required to route plumbing and electrical services to the building by navigating a small boat beneath the wharf which was dependant on the tidal schedule and meticulous coordination with subcontractors.

Completing these projects was incredibly rewarding. We gained a lot of knowledge about the prosthetics industry and it is gratifying to know our efforts will have a meaningful impact on individuals within our community.